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OMM Live MYE - EXTRAORDINARY - March 2019 Israel

Israel, March 13-14-15, 2019


  •        Closest seats available to Patrizio
  •        Course Materials
  •        Pre-work session
  •        MYLE Book
  •        LOUNGE experience*


➢    4 BONUS


    Separate secluded area

    2 meals

    Coffee break with superb refreshments

    Fast Track registration

    Dedicated Trainer

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1 455,00 €

-685,00 €

2 140,00 € tax incl.

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Do you know which is the purpose of your life?

In these 3 days of OMM Live you will discover new ideas and tools to answer your questions, redesign your destiny and achieve the life you desire. An intensive workshop that lives on three important moments:

1. Who am I? The moment to relate with yourself, understand what hurts you or makes you happy.

2. What I really want? The moment of the truth, to free yourself from the unnecessary and learn to appreciate what motives you.

3. How can I live what I want? The moment to learn to live with yourself and your most intimate values.